Peregrini Lindisfarne Landscape Partnership

Holy Island


Abound were commissioned to reveal the story of lifeboat rescues around the island and honour those who put themselves at risk in treacherous conditions, to save others. The only surviving, and sensitively restored, Old Lifeboat House on the island, provided an ideal backdrop in which to unfold these stories.

Abound worked with members of the local development trust and community volunteers to develop the narrative structure and produce the exhibition text.

Designed to cater for a family audience, any interactives needed to be robust, as the space is uninvigilated, and low-tech, as there is no power to the building. The graphic panels have a backdrop of mountainous waves – a constant reminder of the peril under which these men battled in their rowing boat.

The absent 30-foot craft has been outlined on the floor, including the bench seats and locations of key crew members, like the coxswain, bowman etc. We also commissioned a replica oar that visitors can feel the weight of, made in the workshop of the Scottish Maritime Museum at Irvine, Ayrshire.

Flip-books provide a more detailed level of information for those with a particular interest in Lifeboat or family history. These have been designed to be updatable, should new information emerge.

All the graphics have been produced to an outdoor quality, in order to withstand the harsh conditions.