Stirling Castle

National Records of Scotland

The Wallace and Bruce exhibition, hosted at Stirling Castle, was designed and built by Abound in partnership with McRobb Display. CMC Associates were contracted by us to produce a touch-screen interactive, which explored two unique documents on display: a letter by the magnates of Scotland to King Philip IV in support of Robert the Bruce; and a letter from King Philip IV of France to Pope Boniface VIII, recommending William Wallace on his mission to Rome.

Working with our client, National Records of Scotland, we designed the exhibition to allow exploration of these 700-year-old documents, both thematically and chronologically.

The exhibition was designed to work within an existing gallery, which was to be returned to its original condition at the end of the five-week show. Meanwhile, close liaison was required with both NRS and the property owners, Historic Environment Scotland, to ensure tight security and conservation conditions were met, and to coordinate installation.

Abound were also responsible for creating the exhibition identity, marketing material and a ‘toolkit’ for online deployment.